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Dhee Ayn Village

A short drive from Al-Baha’s urban centre, this beautifully restored marble village is something all visitors simply must make sure they get to see while staying here. The scenic route to Dhee Ayn will take you back in time as you navigate through Al-Baha’s surrounding mountain region, before arriving at this stunning UNESCO world heritage site.

A natural oasis, the village gets its name from the mountain spring that forms the waterfall within its grounds. is situated at about 24 km. Southwest of al-Baha across 'Aqabat al-Bahah, also known as Aqbat King Fahad.

The famous village of Dhi Ain is sometimes known as "marble village" as it is built on a small marble mountain. The grove of palm trees is lush due to a small stream nearby. The villagers say that the marble village glows at sunset. It also has a steep escarpment road, running into and out of tunnels on the way up and down.

The outcrop is a gleaming rocky hill of white marble, which stands in sharp contrast to the greyish dark slates that the houses are constructed. The grey mountains that tower behind the outcrop and the green fields in the foreground add to shining marble that forms a foundation for the village.

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