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Al Baha / Baljurashi

A major summer resort located on Sarah Mountains and one of the most beautiful southern cities on the road linking Taif with Abha. Its nice forests like Raghadn make you disbelieve that you are in Saudi Arabia. It is the land of one thousand and one watchtowers.

Located less than 30 kilometers from each other along the impressing high cliffs of the Sarawat mountains, Al-Bahah and Baljureshi are in fact respectively the current and the former capital of the Al-Bahah Province. And they share much more than both cities offering stunning viewpoints on the cliffs of Al-Bahah Province, historical and traditional sites, and green parks.

The city of Al-Bahah will welcome you with its picturesque old villages which can be found throughout the whole area to the outskirts of the city. All of these traditional buildings are now abandoned but locals are proud to see visitors attracted to this testimony of the know-how of their ancestors.

When getting closer to these houses it is noticeable how nicely the wooden frames of the windows are worked, but it is just a hint of what can be found inside the houses where all the carpentry was finely detailed and decorated by skilled artisans.

Baljurashi is a sister town at the head of an ancient seasonal camel trail so steep that is named “camel steps“.

Al-Baha Souk

Currently, the Tuesday Market in the city of Al-Baha is one of the largest traditional souks in the area. This souk is distinct and most vendors are locals from the coastal strip named Tihama. All products and crafts that are sold here have come from local providers and include such items as kadi, basil, honey, wickerwork, household items, textiles, livestock and birds, and more.

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