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Qasr Marid

Marid Castle is built on a rocky plateau hundreds of meters above sea level in the southern part of Dumat Al-Jandal. It overlooks the city with its grounds tower above the old town’s buildings.

The castle Marid stands on a natural limestone outcrop overlooking the valley where the ancient oasis lies. Its position, occupying what appears to have been a genuine acropolis, suggests that this must have been the site of one of the oldest settlements at Dumat al-Jandal, dating back at least to Nabatean times.

The castle is a fortress that protected the area from enemies and dates back to several centuries before the Islamic era. The earliest mention of dates back to the third century A.D., when Zenobia, the queen of Palmyra, invaded Dumat Al-Jandal and Tayma but could not break into the castle.

The fortress of Dumat Al-Jandal was called a giant (marid). The city was named Dumat Al-Jandal because its strong fortress was built of jandal stone.

Excavations carried out at the lower part of the castle in 1976 revealed some Nabataean and Roman ceramics dating back to the first and second centuries A.D.

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