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Dammam Heritage village

The Heritage Village is considered one of the outstanding touristic Hallmarks of the Eastern Province. Visiting the Heritage Village is like visiting many parts of the Kingdom. Our respectable visitors may recognise the Saudi civilization with its past and present through wandering in the Heritage Village with its 5-story building. Starting with the great hall and through your walkabout in its parts you will know Najd with its warm gatherings. Without effort you will find yourself in Aseer District with its fascinating nature, then in Al-Baha with its clear blue sky and in the Eastern Province with its magnificent decorations. This genuine traditional panorama which you see now, came from the natural love of the designer who aimed at preserving the tradition of the forefathers so to speak our glorious history. The designer bridged the present with the past by 15 years of continual travel collecting antiques, manuscripts and documentaries in order to construct this Heritage Village. In addition to that you will visit our museum and oriental restaurant that serves the most delicious Saudi dishes along with many other types of food.

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