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Farasan Islands

A trip to Jizan is not complete without a trip to Farasan Island. It is a natural gem just a short trip from the city.

The Muslim geographers and historian referred to the importance of the Farasan Islands. It was revealed at Wadi Matar is the biggest archaeological site on the islands where large number of circular, rectangular and other buildings were 30 x 15 m long and were probably used for official purposes. There is also rock art site on the island and some foundations of the buildings of the Ottoman period such a big watchtower called Al- Awadi. The antiquities of the Farasan islands vary in date between the first millennium B. C. and the Ottoman period. The ottoman mosque known as Masjid Al-Najedi is decorated with unique patterns and motifs, similarly the house of Al-Refal is highly decorated. All these antiquities highlighted the flourished phase of the Farasan Islands. On the main island there are over 500 gazelles roaming freely.

Farasan Islands are an archipelago of 84 islands made of corral reefs located about 40 kilometers offshore from the city of Jizan, which breaks all stereotypes about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, with its pristine beaches, its crystal clear waters, and its rich land and underwater wildlife, Farasan is miles away from the images of sand dunes one would think of when mentioning the typical landscape of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Every year more visitors make the journey to Farasan, in order to sail on its clear blue seas from one desert island to another, to relax on one of its countless white beaches, to swim in its pristine waters, to admire its abundant submarine and land life, or to discover the archipelago's historical sites.

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