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Al-Qishlah Castle

The third fortified place is the Castle of Al-Qishlah, built in the 1940s during the principality of prince Abdul-Aziz bin Musa'ad Al Saud of Ha'il province. It is a two-floor mud palace, with long walls that stretch over 140 meters and are 8.5m tall, and it has eight watch-towers along in the walls with two main gates, east and west.

Its name comes from the Turkish word for fort or barrack (Ki┼čla) and the purpose in building was to host the troops that were protecting the northern part of the Kingdom. After that it was used as a prison until the end of the principality of bin Musa'ad, when it was re-purposed as a historical building by the government. Today it is still under renovation.

The three castles are located in the city center near the Souq of Hail. Specialities include traditional items, spices, and other souvenirs that you may take back.

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