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Jubbah, located 90 km north of the city of Ha’il is the most famous rock art site in Saudi Arabia. The carvings that can be found on the Jibal Umm Sinman cover a wide range of representations as well as a large period of time with some carving possibly being 10 000 years old. Indeed, human representations are found along with cattle, ibexes, oryxes, deers, gazelles, horses, but also lions and ostriches. Camels are probably the latest to populate both this area and the walls of the surrounding rocks.

Jubbah is by far the most popular rock art site in the county and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Though it is surrounded completely by a desert today, the area once had lush vegetation in and around it and a sizeable population inhabited it. The original inhabitants of the area have left some amazing rock art for the world to see portraying what life was like thousands of years ago.

But the rock art is not the only track let by human presence in Jubbah. In fact some prehistorical tools found in the area show that it was already inhabited by human beings for dozens of thousands of years during earlier periods of wetter climate.

The oldest carvings that can be found on the sandstone formations of Jibal Umm Sinman are a testimony of a time when permanent lakes were watered by regular rainfalls, even on the edge of the Nafoud Al-Kebir. Actually today's city of Jubbah is built on top of the sediments let by this paleolake over the millenia. It is assumed that such humid climate lasted till the 5th millennium BC but some areas were still beneficating from enough rain to host lakes for several centuries or even millennia after this climate shift. The large span of styles and patinas that present Jubbah's carving trend to demonstrate that this site was one of these last havens for wildlife and humans.

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