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The Qaisariah

souq is one of the most famous historical markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It is located in the Al-Rifaa district in Al-Hofuf city, in Al-Ahsa province, rich in historical sites including palaces, towers, mosques and traditional markets.

According to historians, the market was built in 1822 AD-1238 AH and was later overhauled in 1334 AH during the reign of King Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud (may God have mercy on him).

The Qaisariah souq consists of more than 422 shops and is distinguished by its architectural designs of closed corridors and elevated roofing. This offers the visitors good ventilation and natural light while walking in the market, and enables them to have a better grasp of the ancient heritage of the Eastern Province. The market was built on high ground and its shops have dakas — terraces — to protect it from rain and water in the streets, and to provide the visitors and customers with a place to sit in and take their time to examine the merchandise.

This traditional market plays a vital economic role in the economy of Al-Ahsa, which has enjoyed a pivotal position in the Kingdom’s economy since early in its history.

This is reflected in the structure of the Qaisariah Souq with its branches, its traditional industries and its products.

These include copper, leather and footwear industries, in addition to gold, watches, perfumes, textiles, clothing, carpets, accessories, traditional abayas, household furniture, electrical appliances, household utensils, foodstuffs and money exchange shops.

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