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Day 1 :Meet at ________, proceed to Taif Wahba Crater continuing to view the Turkish Fort with lunch at restaurant.Check-in at hotel  with dinner and overnight . Day 2 : After breakfast... more details >>
Day 1 :Meet  at _______and proceed to Al Ula Check in at hotel with lunch and dinner ,overnight Day 2 :After breakfast at hotel, proceed to visit AL Ula city, Al Ula Museum, Old railway... more details >>
Meet at _______ .Proceed to sightseeing Jeddah Old City, Alawi Soak, Nasif House, Chafee Mosque, (Fish Market) Yemini Market, and the Abragh Alraghamah Site via Jeddah Corniche with viewing Jeddah... more details >>


Jeddah means “Grandmother” legend has it and as actual grave that gives substance to the legend, the Eve is buried in Jeddah. The “Bride of the Red Sea” is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, situated on the Red Sea about 75 km from Makkah.


Main Attraction


Lawrence House:
Is the only surviving building of the British Legation in Jeddah and during world war one, it is believed that TE Lawrence stayed here when he visited Jeddah in 1917.

Nasif House:
The Nasif families are one of Jeddah prominent merchant clans and in the 19th and early 20th century, it was the most important houses in Jeddah. It was here that Abdul Aziz spent his first night in Jeddah as the guest of Mohammed Nasif, after he lead his victorious army into the capital of the western province in 1925. And the tree in the square outside the front door is now the oldest and was once the only tree in Jeddah.

Al Shafee Mosques:
One of the oldest mosques in the city, Al Shafee Mosque stands near the center of Al Balad and is reached most easily via the Souq.

Jeddah Corniche:
An open-air museum with many sculptures by famous artists like Henri Moore, Vassarely, Cesar and others.

Abdul Raouf Museum or Private Museum
A home of cultural museum in the city, where valuable collection were gathered. It also projects through the collection of cultural values of the most well recognized civilizations. The museum attractions are the mosque, citadel façade, Saudi Arabia legacy houses, Islamic legacy house, general legacy exhibition and world legacy house.

Jeddah Fountain:
Jeddah has almost the 2nd biggest fountain in the world; it can reach a height of 161 meters.

Jeddah Old City (Al – Balad)
Where the majority of the most spectacular sites in Jeddah’s old town lie along the old city walls. The wall was been demolished in 1940 but three city gates have been reconstructed, old houses were constructed from coral and reinforced with wood.

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