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Day 1 :Meet  at _______and proceed to Al Ula Check in at hotel with lunch and dinner ,overnight Day 2 :After breakfast at hotel, proceed to visit AL Ula city, Al Ula Museum, Old railway... more details >>
Day 1 :Meet at ________, proceed to Taif Wahba Crater continuing to view the Turkish Fort with lunch at restaurant.Check-in at hotel  with dinner and overnight . Day 2 : After breakfast... more details >>
Meet at _______ .Proceed to sightseeing Jeddah Old City, Alawi Soak, Nasif House, Chafee Mosque, (Fish Market) Yemini Market, and the Abragh Alraghamah Site via Jeddah Corniche with viewing Jeddah... more details >>


The oasis of Najran has been inhabited for about 4,000 years. Najran most prosperous trading time was during the first and second centuries B.C. The main activity of its habitats: agriculture and breeding cattle’s.


Main Attractions


Al – Ukhdood:
Shows the history that mastered vanished. It contains a lot of sculptures, wonderful drawings, Sabaeans and Kuffis Calligraphist.

Najran Dam:
The capacity of water storage is 85 million m/g it cost total 772 million Saudi Riyals.

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