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Meet at _______ .Proceed to sightseeing Jeddah Old City, Alawi Soak, Nasif House, Chafee Mosque, (Fish Market) Yemini Market, and the Abragh Alraghamah Site via Jeddah Corniche with viewing Jeddah... more details >>
Day 1 :Meet at ________, proceed to Taif Wahba Crater continuing to view the Turkish Fort with lunch at restaurant.Check-in at hotel  with dinner and overnight . Day 2 : After breakfast... more details >>
Day 1 :Meet  at _______and proceed to Al Ula Check in at hotel with lunch and dinner ,overnight Day 2 :After breakfast at hotel, proceed to visit AL Ula city, Al Ula Museum, Old railway... more details >>


The capital city of the kingdom which means “Garden”, because of the vast quantity of water, which reaches it as result of its ideal location on the southern bank of the Hanifah valley.

Places to visit are: the National Museum, Dira Square, King Abdulaziz Historucal Center, Musmak fort, Diplomatic Quarters, king Fahad Stadium, Heritage Souq, Dir'iyyah ruines and the Camel Market.


Main Attractions


National Museum–King Abdul Aziz Historical Center:
Every developed capital has its national museum and the King Abdulaziz Historical Center and National Museum is the Jewel in the Crown of Riyadh’s tourist offering.

Direyah – Birthplace of the Saudi Dynasty:
The ancient remains of Direyah in Wadi Hanifah, bring alive the Kingdom’s History and the serenity of traditional oasis lifestyle.

Musmak Fort and the Qasr Al-Hokim District:
Build in 1865, Musmak means “thick, high building” is an appropriate name for this solid fortress and eighteen inches thick walls and formidable eighteen-meter tall watchtower at each corner emphasize its strength and stability.

Heritage Souq: Dira Antique Souq
Is an atmospheric Souq selling variety of old copper and brass objects include silver dagger (khanjass), silver Bedouins jewelry and dresses. The main passage into the Souq always smells of sandal wood frankincense and myrrh. You can find a good selection of antique carpets, other useful Saudi heritage antiques. And the Women Souq – here you will find Bedouin women’s selling bunches of baroque pearls, baskets and spices.

King Fahad International Stadium:
This oval shaped stadium has been designed in a unique tent form style that provides the best viewing condition.

Railway Tracks:
This 577 km railway line links Riyadh to ten other stations within the eastern province.

Al Falsaliah Tower:
Kingdom’s tower in the very heart of down town Riyadh.

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