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Naseef House

Naseef House

The Nasif families are one of Jeddah prominent merchant clans and in the 19th and early 20th century, it was the most important house in Jeddah.

It was here that Abdul Aziz spent his first night in Jeddah as the guest of Mohammed Nasif, after he lead his victorious army into the capital of the western province in 1925. And the tree in the square outside the front door is now the oldest and was once the only tree in Jeddah.

See a 700-year-old flag mast and a 15th-century cannon at this restored building, one of several crumbling structures preserved by the government.

Starting at 2009 it is a gallery and social focus which has unique displays and addresses given by historians.Unique among the ocean of flimsiness is the reestablished Naseef House, which had a place with one of Jeddah's most intense exchanging families.

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