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Al Wahbah crater

In western Saudi Arabia (The Al Wahba crater is a good 250km away from Taif . ) is a natural wonder that intel recently was pretty unknown to the outside world, but with the recent opening up for tourism in Saudi Arabia are now the hidden gems of the country getting discovered by tourists from all over the world.

The largest country in the Middle East has so much to offer.

Al Wahbah Crater, a giant volcanic crater holds its very own field of salt.

For a long time was it believed that Al Wahbah Crater was created by an ancient meteor strike. But now geologist instead has accepted that the crater was created volcanic activity in the form of an underground eruption that was caused when a flow of magma hit an underwater source of water which resulted in a colossal explosion creating the crater.

The crater is 250m/820ft deep and two km/1.2 mi across in diameter.

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