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Souq Okaz

Souk Okaz is a unique tourism destination in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is considered as one of the most important tourism tributary in the Kingdom. Souk Okaz was an authentic historical destination of the same name held in the same place in the ancient past.

Many tourists come to see the Souk annually from all over the world as a historical landmark whose roots are deeply entrenched into the Arabic past. This unique place is fabled for retaining the fragrance of its past and a glamour of history that rolled by its allies and corridors.

Here the visitors are awe spelled by a paradox of an ancient market that combines with the modern technologies ubiquitously used in the display of its grandeur.

Authentic geographical location of Souk Okaz, embellished in historical values, was determined after studying the antiquities and landmarks found in the valleys and mountains that surround it and after analyzing a large amount of available documentation, in all its accuracy and precision.

The importance of the Souk Okaz lies in the fact that the location was an unique historical and artistic forum, where intellectuals and people concerned with literature and culture gathered and displayed their art in the remote ancient past.

A former largest and best known open air market in the islamic world, nowadays hosts thousands of tourists from around the world. The tradition of poetry recital competitions, arts& crafts exhibitions remain in the souq today. In addition to that, you may want to explore ancient footprints of the market, flower orchids in Taif and modern theatre productions in the Festival centre.

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