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Bir Haddaj Well

Located in Tayma, is one of the most famous wells from ancient times and is an outstanding architectural landmark for the region. The well is known to date back at least to the middle of the 6th century BCE, during the Babel occupation. In the 5th century BCE, all of Tayma was abandoned and buried, so the well fell into disuse for many centuries until Suleiman al-Gonaim restored it to a functional state. In 1373H (1953), King Saud, May Allah Bless His Soul, added four pumps to increase production and help local farmers to obtain sufficient water for their crops. Various parts have been repaired through the decades, and His Royal Highness Prince Fahad bin Sultan bin Saud has authentically restored it to its previous appearance.

Bir Haddaj (Haddaj well) has a diameter of 18 meters. Surrounded by palm gardens, the area represents Tayma’s status as an oasis . Mih’ala of Haddaj well is a wooden wheel used in the past to draw water from the well. There are 40 Mih’ala for Haddaj well by which camels draw water which is pushed through canals for irrigation and other purposes. Around a 100 meters from this area is Haddaj Fort which is worth a visit.

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